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Consequences 10cc podcast 14 - Interview with Ken Maliphant (former MD of Phonogram)

July 22, 2019

Here's the first of Paul and Sean's interviews with key players in the 10cc story.  Ken Maliphant has enjoyed a long and continuing career in music, video and TV.  He helped to pioneer musicassettes with Philips in the early 70s, and became Managing Director of the Phonogram group, which included Philips, Vertigo, Fontana, and of course Mercury.

This is a fascinating interview, which sheds light on many key 10cc moments in the mid-to-late '70s: breaking with Jonathan King's UK records, signing their deal in 1975 to release The Original Soundtrack, the split in 1976, his close relationship with Kevin and Lol and involvement with - and huge support for - the Gizmo and the Consequences project.  He regales us with anecdotes from his time at Richard Branson's Manor studios with Kev, Lol and Peter Cook! He recounts in detail the infamous Consequences launch event in Amsterdam, his admiration for this masterwork and his (and the duo's) ultimate disappointment in its commercial failure.

This is a must for all 10cc and Godley and Creme fans. Lovers of Consequences will know that without Ken, the plug would have been pulled long before!

Join us next week for the most forensic ever analysis of 10cc's masterpiece, I'm Not in Love.

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