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Consequences 10cc podcast 15 - I’m Not in Love (1974-5)

July 29, 2019

What can we say about the ultimate pop production masterpiece?

Well, quite a lot, as it turns out!  Paul and Sean go into musicology overdrive as we analyse 10cc's finest six minutes.  We examine the song's origins, its genius premise and lyrics, and use our keyboard, guitar (and Gizmo!) to shed some light on Eric's and Graham's inspirational melody and chord touches. We've even had a go at our own Bossa Nova version...  Sean takes Blint's lift down into his hole to attempt his own reconstruction of every one of the 16 tracks on that magical tape. We look not only at what was recorded on each of the tracks, but the gorgeous effects that Eric used in his mix. Kevin says that 'every new idea we tried made the song better.'  We demonstrate and discuss each and every one of these brilliant ideas.  The band's ground-breaking and unique use of 13 vocal tape loops is deconstructed from our own first-hand experience, as we tried the technique ourselves several years ago. 

So this is easily our most forensic analysis to date, and we think the most detailed ever examination of this classic single.  We draw on excellent and reliable sources, such as Eric's and Kevin's books, the BBC 'Record Producers' programme and the superb Sound on Sound magazine article by Richard Buskin. There's even an unofficial quiz on offer: let us know how many of the 17 featured cover versions you recognise!

Apologies for the slight loss in audio quality in the first half.  We should have got Eric to engineer the session! We're pretty sure some of our detective work is barking up the occasional wrong tree, but hey, we've tried. We really hope you enjoy this podcast in any case.

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