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Consequences 10cc podcast 17 - The Original Soundtrack (1975)

August 19, 2019

Sean and Paul relish the thought of investigating 10cc's first album on their new, grown-up deal with Phonogram Records. Skirting around the Elephant in the Room (which we talked about at considerable length two weeks ago), we give this accomplished album a thorough going-over.  But we find it slightly a game of two halves...

Frothing at the gills over the superb Une Nuit a Paris (One Night in Paris) and Life is a Minestrone, we find our shoulders sagging a little for some of the other tracks.  There's much to admire in this pristine record, but had the band grown up too soon?  Is the colour running out of their dyes perhaps? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Sean's preferred option coming next time with the four-piece's swan song How Dare You, but our resident Kev-and-Lol-ist moves into more difficult territory in the following instalment, with our first look at 10cc Mk II... At least Paul's on hand to help him through!

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