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Consequences 10cc podcast 29 - Interview with Strawberry Studios’ Pete Tattersall, pt.1

December 9, 2019

Welcome to the first part of our conversation with Strawberry founder Pete Tattersall, recorded in the old studio building on Waterloo Road in Stockport.  

Pete is an engaging, amusing and modest man, and regales us with so many stories about how Strawberry came into being. Leaving behind his (often dangerous!) gig playing career, he set up Intercity Studios in Stockport, but soon joined forces with Eric Stewart to found the new studio.  It's fascinating to hear how Strawberry began as a relatively humble set-up, but quickly grew thanks to re-investment after the successes of Neanderthal Man and the first 10cc hits. What they built at the time was the first, and only, studio outside London that could rival facilities in the capital. He gives us some interesting insights into how he and Eric captured such top-quality and ground-breaking recordings with a huge range of artists, from the Syd Lawrence Orchestra and Barclay James Harvest to Neil Sedaka, and he tells us what it was like to see 10cc develop right in front of his eyes.

Other lovely treats here include Pete's memories of Consequences, including the infamous Fireworks location recording, Kevin  and Lol's best practical jokes, working with Brian Epstein, rigging up a drum booth with tin baking foil for Neanderthal Man, recording the Hotlegs LP, the inevitable slew of football songs, and 10cc's recording of harmonies, as well as sessions including I'm Not in Love.

The equally interesting part two of our chat with Pete will be published next week.



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