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Consequences 10cc podcast 31 - Bargains Unlimited: Graham Gouldman in the 1960s pt.1

January 6, 2020

Paul and Sean give Graham Gouldman's prolific songwriting of the 1960s our trademark 'forensic' going-over in these next two episodes.

We look in detail at many of Graham's most famous and successful songs, including his big hits for Herman's Hermits, the Hollies and the Yardbirds. We also criticise and admire many of the near-misses and simply forgotten gems in his huge songwriting canon, with his own recordings with the Whirlwinds and Mockingbirds, and songs covered by Wayne Fontana, Cher, Friday Brown and Toni Basil, Dave Berry and many others.  We've dug deep to bring you some songs that only exist as acetate demos!

Paul's guitar makes its pod debut, as he takes us through some of Graham's wonderful chord progressions, and even examines a possible influence from Jewish religious music.

Next week, we focus our attention on Graham's brilliant debut album, 'The Graham Gouldman Thing', and touch on the massive lyrical influence of his father Hymie.

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