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Consequences 10cc podcast 38 - Godley and Creme: Golden Boy and History Mix Vol.1 (1984-5)

March 2, 2020

Well, we had to get around to talking about this one eventually, didn't we?

Sean, Paul and our Californian guest Mike Ferreri tackle the stand-alone single 'Golden Boy' before tackling the most controversial of all the 10cc-related albums: History Mix Vol.1. It was originally promising to celebrate Godley and Creme's 25th anniversary of working together in their unique creative partnership. Paul can't hide his disappointment and shock at this spiky remix album, lamenting that it's more the work of Art of Noise's JJ Jeczalik than of Kevin and Lol.

Sean, on the other hand, was a Trevor Horn/ZTT/Art of Noise nut from the off, and argues in favour - if only to express the fun he's always had trying to spot all of the wacky samples used throughout the album. He relishes just how many 'Consequences' snippets are strewn hither and thither! The other podders indulge him as he gives a potted history of how this album could have possibly made sense at the time. Poor old Mike is a bit bemused; are we actually talking about the same album here? Two albums for the price of one, then.

Naturally, we all rave about 'Cry': Kevin and Lol's 'I'm Not in Love', you could say. And for good reason; it's a classic.

Love it or loathe it, we hope you have some fun with this one! We draw our Godley and Creme series to a close next time with their final project together, Goodbye Blue Sky.


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