The Consequences Podcast

Consequences 10cc podcast 58 - Tim Rice

November 9, 2020

Sean and Paul are really pleased to welcome Sir Tim Rice to the podcast. 

Tim is of course one of most successful and important songwriters of the past fifty years. Even before winning three Best Song Oscars in the space of five years (in the Nineties), he had revolutionised British musical theatre with Andrew Lloyd Webber courtesy of Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita.

But there is also a strong 10cc connection, ranging from an early, almost, management deal with Harvey Lisberg and Kennedy Street enterprises through to his lyrics on one of the great late period 10cc songs ‘The Monkey And The Onion’.

All in all, this is a fun conversation calling at all points on and beyond the 10cc map. Sean and Paul would like to thank Tim for his great contribution to British song in general and to our podcast in particular. ‘Tim One Nice!’

Don’t forget to listen to Tim’s excellent podcast ‘Get On To My Cloud’


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