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Consequences 10cc podcast 59 - From Leatherhead to Seattle: Lalo Creme

November 23, 2020

Sean and Paul are delighted this week to welcome Lol’s son Lalo Creme to the pod. He’s a hugely entertaining fellow, and he gives us some fantastic insights into not just his interesting career, but what it’s like growing up with one quarter of 10cc as your dad!

Lalo quickly became a highly accomplished guitarist in his own right, within a very short time of picking up one of his dad’s impressive axes. His father’s best chum Trevor Horn was quick to exploit his considerable guitar chops in the studio. Most notably, the three of them were the backbone of the Glam Metal Detectives project in the mid-1990s. He’s still in awe of duelling with an all-time guitar hero on those sessions! He also tells a lovely tale about the origins of Lol’s hilarious promo video for Tom Jones’s If I Only Knew, which he stars in.

But our main focus here is on Lalo’s not inconsiderable success with UK-based electronic/dance/rock outfit Arkarna. He teamed up with fellow Brits programmer, producer and singer Ollie Jacobs and guitarist James Barnett on a commercial and high-energy trajectory. The band quickly rose to prominence in South-East Asia and Australia, and Lalo has some funny stories about their encounters with foreign fans! Their second offering, ‘Family Album’ is a hugely engaging pop album.

Lalo’s career has taken many, many interesting turns over the years, and we have a lot of fun chewing the fat about art and design, realty and his wacky promotional videos!

We of course discuss Lalo’s dad, and what he has to say about Mr Creme Senior is fascinating. Did Lol teach him any of the old 10cc riffs? Was he on set for any of Godley and Creme’s iconic video shoots? What are his favourite 10cc tunes? And where is Lol these days? We’re sure you’ll really enjoy finding out.


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