The Consequences Podcast

Consequences 10cc podcast 60 - This Strawberry Life - with engineer Mark Cockburn

December 7, 2020

Paul and Sean are delighted to welcome one of Strawberry's highly talented studio engineers to the podcast this week. Mark Cockburn, initially recruited by Consequences engineering legend Martin Lawrence, took part in numerous sessions between the late 70s and early 80s.

Mark gives us near-total recall on his experiences as an assistant engineer at Stockport's state-of-the-art facility. We know you'll find the level of detail about sessions incredible and fascinating. His first foray into studio life was with Scott & Batiche (featuring Alistair Gordon - later of Banks Statement - and Richard Darbyshire of Living in a Box), but soon he was working directly with (Graham's half of) 10cc on what would morph into the Ten Out of Ten album.  His stories about some of the tracks on that record are so illuminating and entertaining! There are numerous other sessions to savour here, including Sad Café, The Ramones and projects with the sonic luminary Martin Hannett.  This is a studio buff's dream - and Sean's really enjoying himself!

You'll also hear a wide selection of clips from extremely rare and never-heard 10cc outtakes, experiments, sessions and demos. We won't spoil your surprise by listing them here... Thanks as always to our fine friend David Jarvis for these.

Look out for a surprise pod coming on December 17th...

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