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Consequences 10cc podcast 61 - Kevin Godley: Muscle Memory

December 17, 2020

Sean and Paul were commissioned by Record Collector magazine to produce a 4-page interview feature with Kevin Godley in its December edition - and we jumped at the chance! So we're releasing this podcast on December 17th (aaaa!), in synch with the much-awaited physical release of Muscle Memory.

We won't give away any details or titbits here, but suffice to say that Kevin's on startling, brutally honest and hilarious form here. Much like his new record, if we're honest! While there's no I'm Not in Love among them, the eleven songs released in fortnightly intervals since the summer have proven once again that Godley is a brilliant lyric writer. His observations on the state of our society are savage and often very, very funny. We really hope you enjoy Kevin's account of them here.

That's us done for this year folks. Thank you so much for sticking with us - there's more to come in the New Year of course, and today also marks the very day that we'll be attempting to unearth the contents of a 'lost' 10cc multi-track tape...  Our film 'The Great Stockport Bake-Off' will be coming very soon! Hope you all manage a lovely family time, take care, and see you very soon.

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