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Consequences 10cc podcast 72 - Beaucoup Plus Tard La Même Nuit à Paris

June 7, 2021

Bienvenue tout le monde!  And a big welcome back to our New Best Friend and maestro Eric Baumgartner for what can only be described as a musical tour-de-force deep dive into 10cc’s quirky 1975 masterpiece ‘Une Nuit à Paris’.

Perhaps surprisingly, two out of three of us here are less than 100% in love with this track. Is there something unsatisfying about the song itself, and is it just too harsh on the ears?  All of us agree though that as a structured piece of theatre, it’s a masterwork.

Needless to say, Monsieur Baumgartner’s musical analysis and dancing fingers are dazzling again, and Sean’s hit a bit of a purple patch with some audio geekery - all just for a bit of fun!  (He should get out more). Paul treats us to some fascinating and funny anecdotes direct from the band members. We guarantee that you’ll be hearing a dozen things that you’ve never known or noticed before.

In a word - which we use many times during this podcast - MAGNIFIQUE!

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