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Consequences 10cc podcast 73 - Swinging our Benefits in a Red Bandana

June 21, 2021
What do you think of 10cc’s most epic track?  
Paul, Eric and Sean pore over this monumental work in their usual forensic fashion to make up their own minds once and for all. Unconditional love, or not so? Stunning musicianship and arrangement? A unique, orchestral triumph?  A tour de force, made for the stage? Eric Stewart’s finest moments at the mic and on guitar?  But is the song itself a slight case of mutton dressed up as lamb, with too many incoherent parts? Just the formulaic third in a series of three-part 10cc songs with a Latin break in the middle? A muscle-flexing statement of independence after Kevin and Lol's departure?  Whatever 10cc fans' differing views, the three of us all have a tremendous admiration for it. And for the incredible talents of one Del Newman.
We hope you enjoy the harmonic piano insights of Mr Baumgartner, the numerous audio Easter eggs, the cheeky influences we’ve spotted, and the debate over the song’s title and wordplay, which don’t seem to have translated well across the pond!
Oh, and you’re all in for a bit of a surprise too, just as Eric and Paul were!

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