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Consequences 10cc podcast 77 - Shifting Through the McGears with Mike McCartney

September 13, 2021

Paul and Sean were delighted to spend an hour and a half in the company of Mike 'McGear' McCartney. And what an entertaining and captivating chap he is!

Any fans, like us, of 10cc's Strawberry Studios will of course know about Mike's memorable visits to Stockport. We give due airtime to the excellent 'McGear' album from 1974, as well as looking at its predecessor 'Woman' from two years earlier.

And there's so, so much more. Mike is a consummate raconteur, and he has us in stitches with his anecdotes about the The Scaffold, Cavern, Abbey Road, celebrity interviews, Strawberry, football with the Pythons, and of course 'our kid', his older brother Paul (including our extraordinary recorded find a few weeks ago).

There were a hundred questions we ran out of time - or simply forgot! - to ask. But we really hope you enjoy our attempt to do justice to the career of this underrated and hugely engaging artist.

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