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Consequences 10cc Podcast 80 - Strawberry Studios Forever: a ‘pod-umentary‘

October 18, 2021
Here’s our attempt to condense the events of an incredible day into a single podcast!
On 18th September 2021, nearly five hundred people convened at the beautiful Stockport Plaza for Strawberry Studios Forever. Organised and hosted by the inimitable local music champions John and Rosemary Barratt (of Seven Miles Out fame), this was an incredible live musical tribute to one of the UK’s most influential music hubs.
We hear short excerpts from every act, guest appearance or song performed by Peter Wadsworth, Selket (from Ramases), Derailer, Phil Mealey, 11 Hours, Eamonn O’Neal, Liv May & Billy Graham, Dr Uke, The Siders, The Sean and I (and Gizmo!), The Panamas, Paul Ryder (Happy Mondays) and Kashmere. The performed songs covered many of Strawberry's iconic recordings, by the likes of 10cc, Ramones, Joy Division, Happy Mondays, Inspiral carpets, Stone Roses and others. Quite a list!
During and after the day, Paul and Sean interviewed a number of the participants, including John Barratt, Selket and Stage Manager Jonathan ‘Baz’ Barrett. All three have unique and fascinating experiences of their time at Strawberry.
And the Consequences podcast just wouldn’t be complete without Graham’s contribution, would it?

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