The Consequences Podcast

The Consequences Podcast 85 - People Not in Love (for 24 Hours)

December 13, 2021

We think today’s pod will blow your mind!

Paul and Sean are really excited to share with you some extracts from two DAT tapes recorded over 20 years ago.  They consist of various mixes made from the original multi-track tapes of ’24 Hours’ (from 1983’s Windows in the Jungle album) and ‘People in Love’ (Voodoo Boogie)’.  
The latter saw some kind of release in poorer quality form on the ’Tenology’ box set. It was of course the very last recording made by all four of 10cc's original members. This fact alone makes this an important historical artefact! On one hand, a failed experiment that Kevin and Lol hated so much, it split up the band!  On the other, could there actually be some Strawberry magic hidden in its twenty four tracks?  Godley and Creme are certainly on typically creative and off-piste form here, so prepare for some amazing surprises! Eric and Graham’s contributions are sterling too, of course.
Your two podcasters have discussed ’24 Hours’ and its accompanying album several times before, but we’ve never had an opportunity to look so closely at the excellent musicianship and beautiful sounds of the original multi-track.
A treat in store here then, promise!
With huge thanks to the two devoted individuals who retrieved the original studio tapes and mixed these tracks.

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