The Consequences Podcast

Godley & Creme’s Consequences podcast 3 - the numbers 4 and 17, Peter Cook and Blint’s theory of ‘It’

April 29, 2019

Musicians, part-time electricians and ludicrously bad architectural theorists Paul McNulty and Sean Macreavy grapple with the mind-boggling theory behind Consequences' central themes, and Peter Cook's dazzling concoction of Mr Blint's theory of how to save the planet from certain destruction by the rampaging elements.  Have we lost you yet?  To Sean's shame, this is his favourite episode so far, if only because it gave us the chance to have some fun playing with Blint's hole.  Sorry, whole.  AAAA!

We struggle to shed light on the link between the numbers 4 and 17, and don't even pretend to have any answers to the conundrum of pyramids and E-flats.

Next week, the intrepid 'casters look at Godley, Creme and Martin Lawrence's incredible achievements with studio trickery, but in the meantime, lead me in with a count of 17, Mr Stapleton, then wave your baton!


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