The Consequences Podcast

Godley & Creme’s Consequences podcast 8 - Side 3 analysis

June 3, 2019

Paul and Sean finally get their teeth into Peter Cook's Mr Blint and his quarrelsome pals.  The point perhaps where Consequences' becomes its most Marmite-y.  But this pair absolutely love Cook's play, so there!

Sean attempts to shed some dubious light on some of the dodgy Greek philosophy behind the five characters' personalities... and gets his Aristotles, Pythagorasuses and Hippocrateses mixed up.  Oops.

They take a very detailed look into the four 'proper' songs on side 3: 5 O'Clock in the Morning, When Things Go Wrong, 'Mine, Yours, Ours' and the marvellous Lost Weekend, featuring Kevin Godley duetting with Sarah Vaughan. 'Nuff said.  They also attempt to crack the mystery behind that lovely chord that's played at key points throughout the whole ('AAAA!') album...

This episode's long, but the chaps felt side 3 needed and deserved it. 


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