The Consequences Podcast

The Consequences Podcast 81 - The Dean and Us

October 25, 2021
Welcome to the Consequences Podcast’s first venture outside the 10cc universe! We’ll still be dipping our toes back into the Kevin/Lol/Graham/Eric sphere as and when, but for now we present an extraordinary conversation with a true songwriting legend: Mr Dean Friedman!
Seen unfairly as a one hit wonder, Friedman’s career spans nine eclectic albums and regular international tours. His loyal following is treated to intelligent, witty and beautiful songs. As a talented multi-instrumentalist, he really is the full package. Truly one of the most entertaining people we’ve ever met.
Much of this chat centres around his new album, ‘American Lullaby’. It’s a characteristically eclectic affair, with all the usual high-octane wordplay, wit and melodic/harmonic beauty. This time though, he really packs a lyrical punch. Inspired (appalled?) by recent events in American politics, the pandemic and vicious culture wars, Dean’s gloves are off. Prepare to be dazzled by his incredibly thoughtful analysis, honesty, moral and political compass and live performances here. One in particular is a comedy masterclass!
We also delve into other parts of his career, notably his underrated ‘Rumpled Romeo’ album from the early 80s, which includes his most successful song, ‘McDonald’s Girl’. There’s also room for discussion on some of his less well-known songs, and of course we *had* to look at ‘Lucky Stars’. Why is it so misunderstood as a ‘guilty pleasure’?
And we ought to say at this juncture that we simply couldn’t resist chatting about 10cc and Consequences in this chat! We just can’t help ourselves.

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