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The Consequences Podcast 86 - The Man at the Back: Paul Burgess, pt 1

January 10, 2022

It’s been a long time coming, but the planets finally lined up to bring 10cc’s second longest-serving member into the Consequences spotlight!

Paul Burgess has been the absolute backbone of the band’s live line-up since their very first gig in the Isle of Man in 1973. He of course took over the drum stool for studio projects with Kevin’s departure, and his contributions are exceptional. Hearing his modest explanation for his instinctive and improvisational approach to recording is quite something to hear.
In this, the first part of three-episode chat with Paul, we look at his early days as a jobbing drummer on the Manchester scene, his introduction to Strawberry Studios via David Rohl’s band Ankh (later Mandalaband), and his associations with later 10cc members such as Rick Fenn in his 70s Prog Rock outfit Gentlemen. Manchester was a small world, indeed!
Paul takes us through his fascinating experience of 10cc Mk I and into the first post-Godley and Creme project, Deceptive Bends. 

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