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The Consequences Podcast 98 - Do You Like Würms? Bull Session with Iain Hornal pt 2

June 4, 2022
Paul and Sean make no apologies for enjoying this conversation as much as we did!  
Iain continues to give us fascinating insights into his eclectic and accomplished solo work, including last year’s excellent ‘Lockdown’ album Fly Away Home.  But it’s inevitable that we’re frothing at the mouth to hear more about his experience of playing in the touring carnations of 10cc with Graham, ELO with Jeff Lynne and Yes with Anderson, Wakeman and Rabin. His accounts are amazing, as is his musicianship.  Check out the many live clips on YouTube to see what we mean. Stepping into the late Chris Squire’s shoes is no mean feat; nor is recreating the luscious vocal textures of Jeff Lynne’s best production work.
We also discuss 10cc and Graham’s recent publicity work for the new compilation LP, the thrilling unveiling of Natural Wonder and the new piece with Brian May.
Finally, we couldn’t resist the temptation to include some of the joyous rabbit hole we dived down on immediate contact with Iain.  Before we’d even started to talk about 10cc, solo projects, ELO or Yes, we discovered a huge shared love. And indeed rabbited on about it for a while... For completists only, we suspect! ;- )
This will be our last podcast for a little while, as we really need to focus on 'getting on with IT'...

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