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Consequences 10cc podcast 76 - The Great Alcester Bake-off #3: Hello from Mike, Paul and Linda

August 23, 2021
Here’s a real departure for us today folks. In the third of our ‘Great Alcester Bake-off’ series, we’ve left the most unusual and surprising until last.
Strawberry Archive’s Peter Wadsworth and author of ‘10cc: The Worst Band in the World’ Liam Newton joined Sean in his Man Cave in Alcester to bake and play a dozen tapes. The rare, unearthed 10cc tapes were joy enough, but our anticipation for this one was intense! Labelled on the box as simply ‘Paul McCartney effects’ tape, we already knew this must have been his creative preparation for some of the more unusual moments on his brother Mike’s (and a proto-Wings') excellent album ‘McGear’ in 1974, recorded simultaneously with 10cc’s masterpiece, ‘Sheet Music’.
What we got though was more than that. But we won’t spoil the surprise!
You’ll hear most of our random musings and mutterings here, as we go on our little ‘voyage of discovery’ to try to understand the weird and sometimes wonderful fragments on this extraordinary tape.  I’m sure you’ll reach your own (correct) conclusions way before we did!
You can hear most of the audio from this (and our other 10cc discoveries) in superb 24-bit, 48k quality by becoming a subscriber to our podcast via the link below.  Thanks everyone.

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