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Consequences 10cc podcast 63 - The Worst Zoom Call in the World - with Kevin Godley and Graham Gouldman

Consequences 10cc podcast 63 - The Worst Zoom Call in the World - with Kevin Godley and Graham Gouldman

February 1, 2021

Well, what can we say?

This glitchy, very '2020' Zoom call marks the exact moment two members of the original 10cc got to hear three wonderful, historic tapes, one from 1970, the other from six and ten years later.  Their reactions and recollections (or lack of them!) are emotional and/or hilarious!

'The Great Stockport Bake-off' project was a joy from start to finish for the team - Paul and Sean, Peter Wadsworth, Liam Newton, Rob Salmon and David Jarvis - and we were gobsmacked and honoured to have Graham and Kevin join us for this chat. They've kindly let us put out the entire call.

Please make sure you watch the film before you listen to this, if you haven't already, as the surprise element will be ruined! The link's at the bottom of the page.

And if your geek diodes aren't too overloaded by this, you can read a bit more detail about the project on Sean's website here:

Thanks everyone,


Sean and Paul



Consequences 10cc podcast 62 - The Great Stockport Bake-off - free video link

Consequences 10cc podcast 62 - The Great Stockport Bake-off - free video link

January 25, 2021

Welcome back, and happy 2021!

As you're probably no doubt aware, Paul and Sean have been extremely busy over the last two months - hence our apparent 'radio silence'.  Well, we hope you agree that the wait's been worth it.  Working with podcast regulars Peter Wadsworth, Liam Newton and Dave Jarvis, we've documented our recent trip to Manchester, where we've had the opportunity and honour of retrieving and physically baking and restoring three rare, lost 10cc studio tapes. We've taken them to a vintage studio in Salford, and you'll be able to now hear if any of the audio on these tapes has survived 40+ years in a Strawberry cupboard!


Watch our new film, ‘The Great Stockport Bake-off’ here:


Please let us know what you think! There's a thread on Facebook's Godley and Creme group - headed 'SPOILER ALERT' for anyone to post their comments and questions. 


Thanks for tuning in - we really appreciate it.


Sean, Paul and the team



You can access a longer version of the film (complete with extra footage from the studio where we hear the  mysterious ‘10cc’ tape for the first time) plus the shared ‘Goodies in the Pipeline’ folder, which contains hundreds of rare audio, video and image files.  There’s also a brand new stash in there of never-heard-before mixes.  All you need to do is subscribe. Just scroll down to  our last episode:









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Consequences 10cc podcast - subscribers’ exclusive film release: The Great Stockport Bake-off

Consequences 10cc podcast - subscribers’ exclusive film release: The Great Stockport Bake-off

January 11, 2021

Hello folks, and thanks so much for subscribing!

Please download the attached PDF document, have a read through and click the links we've provided.  We so hope that you enjoy this long version of our film 'The Great Stockport Bake-off' - it's available only to you, and the short version of the film won't be released until the end of January.

On behalf of Sean, Paul, Peter, Liam, David and Rob - have fun baking!

Consequences 10cc podcast 61 - Kevin Godley: Muscle Memory

Consequences 10cc podcast 61 - Kevin Godley: Muscle Memory

December 17, 2020

Sean and Paul were commissioned by Record Collector magazine to produce a 4-page interview feature with Kevin Godley in its December edition - and we jumped at the chance! So we're releasing this podcast on December 17th (aaaa!), in synch with the much-awaited physical release of Muscle Memory.

We won't give away any details or titbits here, but suffice to say that Kevin's on startling, brutally honest and hilarious form here. Much like his new record, if we're honest! While there's no I'm Not in Love among them, the eleven songs released in fortnightly intervals since the summer have proven once again that Godley is a brilliant lyric writer. His observations on the state of our society are savage and often very, very funny. We really hope you enjoy Kevin's account of them here.

That's us done for this year folks. Thank you so much for sticking with us - there's more to come in the New Year of course, and today also marks the very day that we'll be attempting to unearth the contents of a 'lost' 10cc multi-track tape...  Our film 'The Great Stockport Bake-Off' will be coming very soon! Hope you all manage a lovely family time, take care, and see you very soon.

Consequences 10cc podcast 60 - This Strawberry Life - with engineer Mark Cockburn

Consequences 10cc podcast 60 - This Strawberry Life - with engineer Mark Cockburn

December 7, 2020

Paul and Sean are delighted to welcome one of Strawberry's highly talented studio engineers to the podcast this week. Mark Cockburn, initially recruited by Consequences engineering legend Martin Lawrence, took part in numerous sessions between the late 70s and early 80s.

Mark gives us near-total recall on his experiences as an assistant engineer at Stockport's state-of-the-art facility. We know you'll find the level of detail about sessions incredible and fascinating. His first foray into studio life was with Scott & Batiche (featuring Alistair Gordon - later of Banks Statement - and Richard Darbyshire of Living in a Box), but soon he was working directly with (Graham's half of) 10cc on what would morph into the Ten Out of Ten album.  His stories about some of the tracks on that record are so illuminating and entertaining! There are numerous other sessions to savour here, including Sad Café, The Ramones and projects with the sonic luminary Martin Hannett.  This is a studio buff's dream - and Sean's really enjoying himself!

You'll also hear a wide selection of clips from extremely rare and never-heard 10cc outtakes, experiments, sessions and demos. We won't spoil your surprise by listing them here... Thanks as always to our fine friend David Jarvis for these.

Look out for a surprise pod coming on December 17th...

Consequences 10cc podcast 59 - From Leatherhead to Seattle: Lalo Creme

Consequences 10cc podcast 59 - From Leatherhead to Seattle: Lalo Creme

November 23, 2020

Sean and Paul are delighted this week to welcome Lol’s son Lalo Creme to the pod. He’s a hugely entertaining fellow, and he gives us some fantastic insights into not just his interesting career, but what it’s like growing up with one quarter of 10cc as your dad!

Lalo quickly became a highly accomplished guitarist in his own right, within a very short time of picking up one of his dad’s impressive axes. His father’s best chum Trevor Horn was quick to exploit his considerable guitar chops in the studio. Most notably, the three of them were the backbone of the Glam Metal Detectives project in the mid-1990s. He’s still in awe of duelling with an all-time guitar hero on those sessions! He also tells a lovely tale about the origins of Lol’s hilarious promo video for Tom Jones’s If I Only Knew, which he stars in.

But our main focus here is on Lalo’s not inconsiderable success with UK-based electronic/dance/rock outfit Arkarna. He teamed up with fellow Brits programmer, producer and singer Ollie Jacobs and guitarist James Barnett on a commercial and high-energy trajectory. The band quickly rose to prominence in South-East Asia and Australia, and Lalo has some funny stories about their encounters with foreign fans! Their second offering, ‘Family Album’ is a hugely engaging pop album.

Lalo’s career has taken many, many interesting turns over the years, and we have a lot of fun chewing the fat about art and design, realty and his wacky promotional videos!

We of course discuss Lalo’s dad, and what he has to say about Mr Creme Senior is fascinating. Did Lol teach him any of the old 10cc riffs? Was he on set for any of Godley and Creme’s iconic video shoots? What are his favourite 10cc tunes? And where is Lol these days? We’re sure you’ll really enjoy finding out.


Consequences 10cc podcast 58 - Tim Rice

Consequences 10cc podcast 58 - Tim Rice

November 9, 2020

Sean and Paul are really pleased to welcome Sir Tim Rice to the podcast. 

Tim is of course one of most successful and important songwriters of the past fifty years. Even before winning three Best Song Oscars in the space of five years (in the Nineties), he had revolutionised British musical theatre with Andrew Lloyd Webber courtesy of Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita.

But there is also a strong 10cc connection, ranging from an early, almost, management deal with Harvey Lisberg and Kennedy Street enterprises through to his lyrics on one of the great late period 10cc songs ‘The Monkey And The Onion’.

All in all, this is a fun conversation calling at all points on and beyond the 10cc map. Sean and Paul would like to thank Tim for his great contribution to British song in general and to our podcast in particular. ‘Tim One Nice!’

Don’t forget to listen to Tim’s excellent podcast ‘Get On To My Cloud’


Consequences 10cc podcast 57 - Thinks: School Stinks - Kevin and Lol’s extra-curriculars, with Paul Hamilton

Consequences 10cc podcast 57 - Thinks: School Stinks - Kevin and Lol’s extra-curriculars, with Paul Hamilton

October 26, 2020
As part of our ‘Looking for Lolagon’ push, we decided to recruit our friend and Consequences correspondent Paul Hamilton to explore the extra-curricular activities of Godley and Creme in the late 70s and early 80s. He’s the Co-author/editor of the brilliant 'How Very Interesting: Peter Cook's Universe and All that Surrounds it’, and boasts a prolific career 'writing and producing songs and videos that I hope will unite the whole world in actively hating’!   He brings us a tour-de-force here: an absolute Kevin and Lol trivia-frenzy, and a real hoot to boot.
This episode will make it clear that Kevin and Lol were involved in some really interesting musical projects, almost all of which were eye-wateringly obscure and sadly, commercial failures. Hamilton is keen to stress that the principal motive for chasing paid commissions was to pay the bills; for, unlike most other musicians, Godley and Creme had no revenue from live work. This is a very good point, and after all, the boys needed some paid gigs given the failure of their first three albums! Their first two outside ventures were perhaps the most substantial and interesting that we cover in this chat. 1977’s ‘Listen Now’ album by Phil Manzanera and Bill MacCormick's band 801 sees Kevin and Lol turn in some nice cameos on vocals and Gizmo on four tracks. A recorded gig in Manchester sees G&C make a rocking-horse-shittingly rare live appearance, and we’re delighted to say that these tracks have been added to our subscribers’ shared ‘Goodies in the Pipeline' folder. 
Kevin and Lol were paid handsomely to produce Mickey Jupp’s 1979 album Long Distance Romancer. An eclectic departure for the Southend ‘pub rock’ Stiff Records artist, the album does give us some lovely thick wadges of G&C-ness. It’s tremendous to hear Kev’s drums and Lol’s guitar, especially, and like most of the projects we discuss here, our Dynamic Duo’s presence is so often almost over-bearing in its distinctiveness. This wouldn’t always endear Godley and Creme to their collaborators. Their production work on the Boomtown Rats’ V Deep LP from 1982 is a case in point.
Other musical dabblings are generally a mish-mash of obscure and/or unlistenable curios, and we dish up some super-rare clips courtesy of Hamilton and our good chum David Jarvis. These include cameos with Jona Lewie and The Clash, and production jobs for Blue Rondo A La Turk and Writz. One other venture behind the mixing desk is so rare that not even our usual helpers can find it! Almost as rare, you'll also hear a few painful snippets of their collaboration with 'The Photo Kid'. Not all works of genius then, but finally, on a much more positive note, we'll play you a terrific little advert jingle that you may well recognise. It's a treat.
We really hope you enjoy our chaotic romp through this patchy but fascinating stuff. Do check out Paul Hamilton’s tasty and entertaining music and video catalogue at
Consequences 10cc podcast 56 - Looking for Lolagon 1: Creme post-Godley

Consequences 10cc podcast 56 - Looking for Lolagon 1: Creme post-Godley

October 12, 2020

Sean and Paul have for months now being racking our brains about what to do about Lol Creme. He's long since stated that doing a podcast interview just isn't his thing.  So we'll just do a pod talking about his 70s and 80s 'extra-curricular' projects and solo career after Godley and Creme - easy, right? Well, not really. The more we've dug around to find him, the more elusive he's seemed to have got!  He's seldom been very audible, let alone visible, in these last 30 years. 

This episode focuses on Lol's solo work, from his obscure Naughty Nola single in 1973 to the present day. Much of his work in that time has involved playing session guitar on established artists' records, and most of those as part of ace producer Trevor Horn's crack team. These musicians include the likes of Anne Dudley, Steve Lipson, Luis Jardim and Ash Soan - and more on these shortly. You'll hear many, many clips on this podcast from Lol's contributions to major and more minor artists' work, including Inga Humpe, Tom Jones, Cher, Tina Turner and Barry White, Robbie Williams and Olly Murs. An illustrious list, but in truth it's often difficult to pick out what Lol actually played on these records!

Much more interesting are his more substantial contributions (as writer-performer) to three outfits: Glam Metal Detectives, Art of Noise and Producers (more recently aka The Trevor Horn Band). All of them are helmed by the ubiquitous Mr Horn, and display very different facets of the Creme gemstone. The former's playful wackiness shows off some terrific rock guitar playing from Lol and his son Lalo. Joining ZTT's established but shifting Art of Noise collective in the late 90s, he brought them some subtly beautiful and tasteful guitar layers we'd never heard from them before. Most interesting of all perhaps is the 2012 album Made in Basing Street by the Producers line-up of Creme, Soan, Lipson and Horn, which although falling short of the 'second coming' status its pedigree promised, contains a few wonderful songs and some spectacular moments. Not to mention an elusive lead vocal from our diminutive ex-10cc man!

We've enjoyed picking through the bones of Lol's solo career here, but we're still feeling somewhat frustrated by how thinly its' spread across those decades. But, as Paul rightly says, 'it's our problem, not his.'

Next time we're joined by hugely entertaining author Paul Hamilton, who'll be sharing his singular views on Lol and Kevin's non-Godley and Creme projects.   


Consequences 10cc podcast 55 - with Peter Kearns, author of ‘on track… 10cc and Godley & Creme’

Consequences 10cc podcast 55 - with Peter Kearns, author of ‘on track… 10cc and Godley & Creme’

September 21, 2020

2020's been a terrific year for 10cc fans, with exciting releases of Consequences, Modesty Forbids and Muscle Memory, and two books by Liam Newton and now Peter Kearns. Paul and Sean really enjoyed our conversation with the affable author, professional musician and New Zealander.

The new tome is an excellent complement to 'The Worst Band in the World'. It catalogues every song, chronologically, that 10cc and Godley & Creme released officially between Hotlegs and Mirror Mirror. As a musician, Kearns discusses each track with a good deal of musical and lyrical analysis, as well as some interesting back stories and great insights. He tackles much of the material from different angles to where we've come from on the podcast; we learned a lot! Graham Gouldman and Kevin Godley helped with the research too, which gives the work added accuracy. Befitting the 160-page length, the author packs his prose tightly; there is a lot of detail here - some songs and albums much more than others of course.  The style is concise and punchy, which makes this a quick-fire and very informative reading experience. Occasionally, we glimpse Peter's own preferences. You can really taste the admiration he has for some of the four-piece's more off-the-wall work, particularly L and Freeze Frame. It's well worth the price tag!

Peter's had varied and interesting musical and writing careers.  He's collaborated with Judie Tzuke and Norwegian Prog-rock band Gazpacho among many others, and has produced two other books in the 'on track...' series, featuring the work of Elton John and (soon to be published) Joni Mitchell. We recommend his album 'No Such Thing as Time', from which you'll hear a few tasty clips on the podcast.

He gave us a typical succinct and spot-on appraisal of 10cc's historical standing:

'10cc and Godley & Creme were artists who cared about music and cared about their contribution to it. They worked through a time period where their commitment to quality steadily increased, against the background of a mainstream that was moving in the opposite direction.'  Hear hear, Peter.

'On track... 10cc and Godley & Creme' is available worldwide, and is well worth your shekels. 




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